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Boredom Ahead?
Here's A Thing To Do Tomorrow in Phuket.

Discover ideas for indoor and outdoor events and activities to see, do, visit and experience tomorrow for Phuket. Have an adventure.

Location: Phuket
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Save the Earth from asteroid disaster.

asteroidearth - Save the Earth from asteroid disaster. [A Thing To Do Tomorrow] Price: Free Time: 5 mins - all day
No, really. The Catalina Sky Survey needs help to spot asteroids in the Solar System. They have a multitude of sky images, and flipping back and forth between them you'll be able to spot asteroids moving against the background of stars. And if they're headed this way, you may have given the human race the early warning it needs to survive. Have a go online.
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A Thing To Do Tomorrow generates things to do and places to go tomorrow, online and offline, for Phuket and beyond - whether you're visiting Phuket or a Phuket resident. To see another thing to do, just reload the page. Find out more about the site, or for comments, suggestions, corrections, donations, or just to say hi, email john@athingtodotoday.com. Or check out social media @athingtodo.

“I've got a great ambition to die of exhaustion rather than boredom”
Thomas Carlyle